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    Commercial Auto Insurance

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    1. Number of Years in Business
    2. Name of Business 
    3. Drivers License #
    4. VIN #'s
    5. Travel radius (normal and maximum)
    6. # of trips over 80KM
    7. Cities most visited
    8. Do you have a trailer?
    9. Equipment value in vehicle/trailer
    10. Does vehicle(s) have fire suppression system and fire extinguishers
    11. Is there an inspection/maintenance/testing schedule, how often?
    12. How many propane tanks are in the truck(s)
    13. What is their size?
    14. How many people (max) are inside the truck?
    15. Does truck have seating for customers?
    16. Do you go festivals, construction sites, industrial areas, college campuses, designated food truck spots?